Building Skills for Community Oriented Policing in the 21st Century

Designed for sergeants and line officers, this updated, three-day skills based workshop examines the evolution of community oriented policing (COPS) in America. How the philosophies, strategies and methods of community policing can help restore the trust between the police and the communities they serve is fully explored. Among the topics covered are (1) the major differences between traditional and community policing; (2) common pitfalls in COPS implementation and how to avoid them; (3) “Broken Windows” theory and the importance of quality of life issues; (4) values based policing and proven community engagement strategies; (5) police and race relations in America; (6) procedural justice and police legitimacy; (7) converting report takers into crime fighters and (8) developing a community policing brand. The workshop is taught through a variety of learning methods including case studies, video, small group exercises, facilitated discussion ad action planning. (POST Certified)

Course Schedule

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