Finding the Leader Within You

In our continuing quest to become better leaders many of us flock to bookstores to purchase the latest best seller that promises to make us stand out from the rest of the crowd. Once we are there we find so many books on “leadership” that it is virtually impossible to count them all, much less read them all. In many cases, the authors of these books claim to have the formula to produce effective leaders, suggesting it is as easy as following a recipe in the kitchen. We all know effective leadership is far more complicated than that. Reading a dozen or more of these books can be mind-numbing as we try to make sense of the mumble jumble, the countless lists and charts, and the variety of catchy terms that seemingly describe the same thing.

This fast-paced workshop is based on the premise that anyone can be a more effective leader if they search deep within themselves, expand on what they read, reflect on their own experiences, perfect their character, and examine their motives, values and goals. This premise is especially true for anyone who is a first responder and wears a badge and uniform, and for those who supervise and lead them. Through thought provoking exercises, short lecturettes, video and facilitated discussion, participants will build and document an individual action plan for their personal leadership development.  (STC Certified)