POST and STC Supervisory Update

Over the past year and a half, American policing has been challenged by a once in a century pandemic, hundreds of demonstrations protesting racial injustice, an anemic economy, a polarized society, and an uptick in violent crime not seen in several decades.  This POST Supervisory Update has been revised to examine these challenges and more.  It is designed to prepare sergeants to be creative problem solvers, coaches, motivators, and inspirational leaders to the men and women under their command.

Using a wide variety of experiential learning methods, this fast paced interactive workshop will examine the many challenges confronting police agencies today.  Some of the dozen or so issues to be examined include mass demonstrations and civil unrest, recruitment and retention, hate crimes, officer wellness and PTSD, reinventing but not “defunding” the police department, gender and racial equity, and reducing violent crime.  (Certified by CA & NV POST and CA STC)

June 21 - 23, 2021 Folsom Police Dept. Register For This Course

Civilian Police Leadership

Civilians are a growing segment of the law enforcement community and play an increasingly important role in the leadership and supervision of their departments.  This two-day course, designed for civilian managers, supervisors and potential supervisors, will introduce participants to the contemporary leadership philosophies and concepts necessary for effective leadership in today’s law enforcement agencies.  Topics covered in the course include, developing a clear and compelling purpose or vision for their unit, aligning that vision or purpose to the overall department mission and developing a high performance team.  In addition, participants will also examine methods and strategies to raise the performance bar and will identify techniques to more effectively manage the multi-generational workforce.  The course is highly interactive and emphasis is placed on the practical application of the covered material.  (POST and STC Certified)

June 29 - 30, 2021 Online via Zoom (0900-1300 PDT) Register For This Course
July 15 - 16, 2021 Larimer Co. Sheriff's Office Register For This Course

Leadership Fundamentals for the 21st Century

This highly interactive, online course will strengthen participant’s leadership skills and will challenge them to take a leadership role in their organization, no matter their rank or position.  Participants will discuss the vital importance of leadership at all levels in the organization and will examine the contemporary leadership philosophies and concepts necessary for effective leadership in today’s criminal justice organizations.  Various leadership philosophies and styles; the importance of balancing empowerment and accountability; and the relationship between leadership and trust are covered.  Teamwork, collaboration and initiating and managing change are also examined.  (STC Certified)

June 22 - 23, 2021 Online via Zoom (0900-1300 PDT) Register For This Course