Ethics for Law Enforcement

This eight hour course targets line and supervisory level law enforcement officers.  Issues addressed include an analysis of the scope of the problem of law enforcement ethical lapses, including the 2006 FBI study on ethics in law enforcement.  The “thin blue line” and what motivates officers to act unethically and/or tolerate those who do is discussed.  Using the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethical Conduct as a foundation, ethical behavior is both identified and brought to life with realistic examples and scenarios.

Practical application of the three forms of intervention is discussed with specific examples. The legal, professional and personal ramifications of unethical behavior are examined.  The course also explores inter-personal boundary issues and the pitfalls of allowing relationships with inmates or probationers to cross appropriate lines.  Law enforcement accountability, community perceptions of law enforcement and the need to bridge the divide between law enforcement and the community are also examined.  (STC Certified)

Course Schedule

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