Consulting Services

Building close relationships with clients, penetrative analysis and practical recommendations and solutions are the primary objectives of all Cristando House consulting services. Grounded in over 30 years of experience our services are designed to identify and promote best practices that will raise the level of efficiency and effectiveness in government organizations.

Team Building

Cristando House, Inc. does team building the hard way. Our focus is task-oriented and groups are directed to achieve tangible, measurable results. We do not employ gimmicks, games or ropes and blindfolds in our work with groups. Nor do we believe one size fits all. We insist on on-site diagnostic data collection with every team before we work with them. Cristando House, Inc. has conducted over 125 team building workshops with California and Nevada law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. (POST certified in CA)

Strategic Planning

Effective Organizations have a destination. They do not react to the future but create it. They measure success and failure and seek tangible, positive results in the knowledge that results will lead to increased public support. Services may include community scans (interviews, community surveys and focus groups), documentary analysis, facilitation of internal strategic plan task forces and strategic plan report preparation. Clients have included executive teams, management teams, work teams and boards of directors.

Organization/Management Reviews

Documenting organizational problems with precision and accuracy, delineating goals and alternatives and providing clients with practical solutions to improve systems and practices are the goals of all management reviews conducted by the firm. We want to help people work smart and believe the knowledge and ideas of internal stakeholders is crucial to success. The firm has also conducted sensitive and confidential reviews focused on hostile work environment, sexual harassment and discrimination and malfeasance by public officials.

Executive Search

Our objective is to find the true match, the right candidate for the job each and every time, at a cost which is competitive and affordable. All executive search services are performed by experienced senior consultants, not junior consultants in training. Whether you are recruiting an executive, police chief or other key management personnel, Cristando House, Inc. will expand your qualified applicant pool.