POST and STC Supervisory Update

Over the past year and a half, American policing has been challenged by a once in a century pandemic, hundreds of demonstrations protesting racial injustice, an anemic economy, a polarized society, and an uptick in violent crime not seen in several decades.  This POST Supervisory Update has been revised to examine these challenges and more.  It is designed to prepare sergeants to be creative problem solvers, coaches, motivators, and inspirational leaders to the men and women under their command.

Using a wide variety of experiential learning methods, this fast paced interactive workshop will examine the many challenges confronting police agencies today.  Some of the dozen or so issues to be examined include mass demonstrations and civil unrest, recruitment and retention, hate crimes, officer wellness and PTSD, reinventing but not “defunding” the police department, gender and racial equity, and reducing violent crime.  (Certified by CA & NV POST and CA STC)

Course Schedule

Please contact us for the next date this course wil be offered.