Gary L. Joralemon

Gary Joralemon is an adjunct professor at Cuesta Community College and served as an associate instructor at the Alan Hancock Law Enforcement Academy from 2006 until 2013.  He has been an instructor and consultant with Cristando House, Inc. since 2009 and has completed numerous projects with probation, police and sheriff’s departments.  These projects have primarily focused on leadership development, PREA compliance, ethics and the home supervision of county jail inmates.

Gary  retired in 2015 as a Chief Deputy Probation Officer with San Luis Obispo County. During his 30 years with the probation department, he served in a variety of assignments including Deputy Probation Officer, Supervising Deputy Probation Officer, Juvenile Hall Superintendent, Human Resources and Training Manager, weaponless defense and tactical baton instructor, and Chief Deputy Probation Officer.

Gary was the project manager for the first San Luis Obispo County Drug Court, and worked closely with the United States Department of Justice in implementing the Comprehensive Approach to Sex Offender Management Project in San Luis Obispo. As the project manager, Gary led a team of representatives from community corrections, police and sheriff, treatment providers, the courts, and the district attorney’s and public defenders offices in establishing San Luis Obispo County as the first California county to implement the use of court imposed polygraph examinations of sex offenders. In addition, under Gary’s guidance, San Luis Obispo County became one of the first counties in California to include the tactical baton within their arsenal of less-lethal weaponry. Partnering closely with local air pollution control authorities, Gary was also the manager of a project which made San Luis Obispo County the first Probation Department in the nation to incorporate the use of bicycles in their field operations. Most recently, Gary worked with representatives from the National Institute of Corrections to ensure San Luis Obispo County is involved solely in methods and practices which have been proven to be evidence based.

Gary is a member of the San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation Board of Directors, and a founding member of the San Luis Obispo County Big Brothers and Sisters. He earned his MA degree in Leadership from Saint Mary’s and a BS in Social Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He has competed in several Police and Fire Olympics, and was awarded a bronze medal in wrestling in 2006. Gary and his wife Alex, a recently retired middle school physical education instructor, live in Arroyo Grande.