California POST Team Building Workshops

Cristando House, Inc. has facilitated over 100 California POST certified Team Building Workshops.  We do not employ gimmicks or games in our work with groups.  Nor do we believe one size fits all.  We insist on on-site diagnostic data collection with every team before we work with them.

While no two team building workshops are the same, our approach is task oriented and teams are directed during the workshop to achieve tangible and measurable results which are documented in a written strategic action plan.  This plan delineates what will be done, who will do it and a timeframe or deadline for completion.  Shared responsibility and accountability are important features of all team building activities conducted by our firm.  It is this focus on tangible results which has allowed us to maintain long-term relationships with many of our TBW clients, in some cases, for over 20 years.

Since 1980, the firm has provided consulting, training and technical assistance to both state and local law enforcement agencies in California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon.  Through our original research, multi-state public seminars with thousands of law enforcement personnel and our breadth of experience conducting team building workshops, we have come to recognize the best practices that can transform good law enforcement agencies into great law enforcement agencies.

We are confident that if selected to conduct a POST Team Building Workshop for your agency, the results will exceed your expectations.