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Robert B. Reyes

Robert B. Reyes serves as the Assistant Chief Probation Officer in San Luis Obispo County.  Since 1998 he has served in a variety of assignments including Deputy Probation Officer, Supervising Deputy Probation Officer, Juvenile Hall Superintendent, Training Manager, firearms instructor, use of force/officer safety instructor and field training instructor.  Prior to his career as a Probation Officer, Robert served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff (Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office) and Reserve Police Officer (Santa Maria Police Department) for 5 years.

Robert was responsible for establishing a field training program for probation officers assigned to supervising offenders in the community and a facility training program for new Juvenile Hall custodial officers.  During his tenure at the Juvenile Hall, he implemented cell extraction training for custody staff that reduced the frequency of injuries to officers and the number of use of force incidents for three consecutive years.  Additionally, Robert has been responsible for enhancing the quality of officer safety and tactics training for the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department including the adoption of the Krav Maga Law Enforcement Arrest and Control/Defensive Tactics system, active shooter training for armed probation officers, field scenario and advance field tactics training.  Robert has supervised high risk adult felons and worked closely with the San Luis Obispo County Gang Task Force.

Most recently, Robert chaired the work group responsible for developing the San Luis Obispo County 2011 Public Safety Realignment Act Implementation Plan on behalf of the San Luis Obispo County Community Corrections Partnership Executive Committee.  As the Chair, Robert led a team of representatives from probation, police and sheriff, community service providers, the courts, district attorney’s office, county mental health, drug and alcohol services and the office of the public defender in developing the plan for San Luis Obispo County.

In addition to his duties at the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department, Robert enjoys volunteering as a youth sports coach.  He earned his Master’s degree in Public Policy and a BA in Political Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  He and his wife Rosa, a deputy probation officer, live in Atascadero, CA. with their three children.  Their oldest son currently serves in the United States Navy.